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Saudi and French Owners economic collaboration

Saudi Business Owners Collaborate with French Enterprises to Strengthen Economic Ties

According to the Saudi Press Agency, on Sunday, Saudi business owners met with a delegation of one hundred French enterprises at the Federation of Saudi Chambers.

The meeting, led by former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Mohammed bin Laden, head of the Saudi-French Business Council, aimed to enhance economic cooperation between the two countries.


During the meeting, Raffarin emphasized the importance of fostering stronger economic ties between Saudi Arabia and France. He called for increased opportunities for French companies to conduct business in Saudi Arabia, acknowledging Saudi Arabia’s influential role both in the region and on the global stage.

The meeting reviewed the Saudi-French Business Council’s strategy and its numerous initiatives, such as its expansion to 150 members.


Bin Laden stated that the council obtained permission for French nationals residing in Saudi Arabia to become members. He discussed the function of the council in the development of trade relations between the two nations.


In 2022, the trade volume between Saudi Arabia and France reached an impressive SR 43.3 billion ($11.46 billion). Notably, Saudi exports to France experienced a remarkable 80% surge, underscoring the growing economic ties between the two countries.

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