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What is Premium Residency and How does it benefit individuals?
Saudi government has recently launched a unique type of residency visa, referred to as the Premium Residency, which will grant expatriate investors and business owners similar benefits as Saudi citizens.

Premium Residency visa offers individuals the right to reside, invest, work, finance, and possess real estate (including commercial, industrial, and residential properties) and businesses within the Kingdom. Apart from economic benefits, the premium residency visa also enables free travel to and from the Kingdom without any sponsorship required from a Saudi citizen.

There are two options available when deciding on a premium residency visa.
  1. Permanent Residency (SP1) with no expiration.
  2. 1-year Renewable Residency (SP2) with annual renewal policy.
We provide comprehensive services and expert guidance to make sure that your application for Saudi Premium Residency is successful.Our services include:

What are the key features of Saudi Premium Residency?

  • Visitor Visa for relatives

  • Real estate ownership

  • Working in the private sector, and moving among it

  • Use of airport lanes for Saudis

  • Conducting businesses according to the foreign investment regulations

  • Freedom of exiting and returning to the kingdom

  • Real Estate Utilization in Mecca and Madinah

  • Recruitment of housemaids

Who is eligible to apply for Premium Residency?

In order to apply for the permanent residency or limited-term residency without a sponsor in Saudi Arabia, expats will need to:


Showcase a valid passport


Must be at least 21 years of age


Provide evidence of a clear criminal record with no prior conviction


Submit proof of financial stability


Provide an updated health report indicating no contagious diseases


Evidence of legal residency status for applicants within the kingdom

Invest, Work, and Live in Saudi Arabia with Premium Residency !