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Saudi Citizenship to be granted to specific individuals upon proposal form Ministry of Interior

Following a request by the Ministry of Interior this year, Saudi Arabia passed an ordinance permitting Prime Minister and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to issue citizenship to specific individuals.

The Saudi Nationality Law’s Article 8, which gives the Prime Minister the authority to grant citizenship, was updated by royal decree in January.

According to a tweet from the official Twitter account for the Emirate of Makkah Province, which referenced the Ministry of Interior, the order was made into law on March 13.

The content of the decision was released on Friday in the official newspaper, Umm Al Qura.

“After reviewing Royal Decree No (M / 88) dated 6/11/1444 AH, Article Eight of the Saudi Nationality Law will be amended to ‘Saudi nationality may be granted by order of the Prime Minister based on a proposal from the Minister of Interior’.”

According to the decision, the Prime Minister may approve the granting of Saudi nationality following a proposal from the Minister of Interior. 

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