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Saudi Arabia Launches Business Visit Visa for Global Investors

New Saudi Arabia Business Visit Visa Facilitates Exploration of Flourishing Investment Landscape by Foreign Investors

In a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Investment and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a new Business Visit Visa, known as the “visitor investor” visa, has been introduced.

This visa is specifically designed to simplify and expedite the process for foreign investors who are interested in exploring thriving investment opportunities within the kingdom. It serves as a platform for businessmen to delve deeper into the investment landscape of the country, allowing them to gain valuable insights and a comprehensive understanding of the investment environment.

The introduction of the “visitor investor” visa reflects the commitment of the Saudi Arabian government to attract and accommodate foreign investors. By providing a streamlined visa process, it aims to encourage greater engagement and participation from businessmen who wish to explore the kingdom’s flourishing investment potential.

This initiative aims to create an environment where foreign investors can easily navigate and explore the various investment opportunities available in the kingdom. It offers businessmen the chance to interact with local businesses, establish connections, and gain first hand experience and knowledge about the investment landscape.

Application Process and Requirements

To obtain a visit visa for business people, interested individuals need to follow a straightforward application process. The requirements typically include:

  1. A valid passport with a minimum of six months validity.
  2. A formal invitation letter from a registered Saudi Arabian company or organization.
  3. Proof of business or investment activities, such as business registration certificates or investment portfolios.
  4. Travel insurance coverage.
  5. A completed visa application form.

Q 1. How long is the validity of the new visit visa for business people?

A: The new visit visa offers varying validity periods depending on the applicant’s requirements, ranging from several months to multiple years.

Q 2. Can business people with a visitor visa attend conferences and trade exhibitions in Saudi Arabia?

A: Yes, business people holding the visit visa can attend conferences, trade exhibitions, and other business events in Saudi Arabia.


Q 3.  Are there any restrictions on the sectors in which foreign investors can invest?

A: Saudi Arabia welcomes foreign investment across various sectors and has implemented investor-friendly policies to encourage investment in diverse industries.


Q4. What are some of the successful investment projects in Saudi Arabia?

A: Successful investment projects in Saudi Arabia include NEOM, the Red Sea Project, Qiddiya, and numerous others across sectors like energy, tourism, and technology.

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