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Saudi Arabia is the Second-Fastest-Growing Tourist Destination in the World: WTO

Remarkable 64% Rise in Tourist Arrivals to Saudi Arabia in Q1 2023 as the Kingdom Welcomes 7.8 Million Tourists

The World Tourism Organisation (WTO) released new data on Wednesday showing that Saudi Arabia is the world’s second fastest growing tourist destination.

In the first quarter of 2023, the Kingdom witnessed a remarkable 64 percent increase in international tourism compared to pre-pandemic levels. During this period, approximately 7.8 million tourists visited Saudi Arabia, reflecting a significant surge in visitor numbers, according to the WTO

In 2022, Saudi Arabia witnessed a significant increase in international tourism, securing the 13th position globally. This marked a remarkable jump of 12 places on the WTO Index compared to its 25th rank in 2019.

The Kingdom welcomed a substantial number of international tourists, reaching a total of 16.6 million visitors in 2022, highlighting the growing appeal of Saudi Arabia as a popular destination for travelers worldwide.

Saudi Arabia has witnessed a significant improvement in its international tourism revenue index. In just three years, the country has climbed from the 27th position in 2019 to an impressive 11th place in 2022.

This remarkable progress is attributed to the dedicated efforts of Saudi leadership in bolstering the nation’s presence on the global tourism stage and maximizing the sector’s contribution to the country’s GDP.

Minister of Tourism, Ahmed al-Khateeb, emphasized the importance of this achievement, highlighting the ongoing commitment to enhance Saudi Arabia’s position as a prominent tourist destination. The positive news was shared through a statement released by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

In order to position Saudi Arabia as a top travel destination, the country has implemented streamlined visa procedures and launched extensive promotional campaigns worldwide. These initiatives have successfully attracted tourists from diverse backgrounds, thanks to the incredible array of destinations within Saudi Arabia.

These efforts align with the ambitious Vision 2030 economic reform plan introduced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which aims to diversify the country’s economy and bolster its non-oil sectors.

The Ministry of Tourism remains committed to collaborating with both public and private sector partners to propel Saudi Arabia towards its goal of becoming a global tourism hub.

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