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Red Sea Global targets employing 50% Saudis as it prioritizes its domestic legacy

Red Sea Global has nearly reached a 50/50 ratio between Saudi and non-Saudi workers

According to a leading executive in RIYADH, Red Sea Global has nearly accomplished a 50/50 split between Saudi and non-Saudi employees as the resort moves toward increasing the number of domestic workers.

Tracy Lanza, global director of brand development at RSG, spoke alongside the Arabian Travel Market 2023 in Dubai about the significance of the giga-project training local workers and the legacy this would leave.

The destination along the Red Sea will have 50 resorts by 2030, with up to 8,000 hotel rooms and more than 1,000 residential structures spread across 22 islands and six inland regions. This year, it will open three of these resorts and welcome domestic flights and travelers to its airport.

In March, RSG’s chief governance officer, Maryam Ficociello, stated that 45 percent of the company’s then-2,700 employees were Saudi nationals, and Lanza implied that the percentage was inching closer to 50 percent.

When asked what the Saudization objective for the company is, Lanza responded, “The goal is 50/50 and we are almost there, and from a marketing perspective, our team is at 67 percent and growing.” I believe we also have the highest proportion of Saudi women at our company.”

She continued, “We have a number of various initiatives underway. Some are academic, while others are vocational.

“We have programs that teach English for the hospitality industry, as well as programs that educate people how to work in airports and hotels. This education for the hospitality workforce is one of the foundational legacies that Red Sea Global will presumably be able to create.

Abdulla Al-Zahrani, executive director of brand and marketing at RSG, states that the initiative was founded on the principle of sustainable development, which has earned RSG international recognition for its leadership in the field.

Also speaking with Arab News at ATM 2023, he said, “We brought in scientists and collaborated with them to identify locations within the destination where hotels can be built while protecting and enhancing the environment we inherited in the destination.”

Al-Zahrani, reflecting on the significance of preserving local culture, added, “It goes hand in hand with sustainability.”

“The entire development and design of the destination is constructed in perfect harmony with the entire destination, while also honoring Saudi Arabia’s indigenous culture.

In addition, he stated that RSG is taking steps to become the world’s first destination of this size to be powered entirely by renewable energy from the beginning, with no connection to the national infrastructure. As a resort, RSG is naturally focused on providing travelers with an unparalleled experience.

Al-Zahrani described the aim as creating a “seamless” experience, citing the fact that travelers’ luggage will be delivered directly to their hotels.

The company utilized ATM 2023 to establish Akun, a new adventure sports brand that will provide guests at RSG destinations with exclusive experiences.

John Pagano, CEO of RSG, said in announcing the brand that it would offer a “diverse range of ‘bucket-list’ adventures,” including a variety of biking, climbing, and action sports for beginners and experts.

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