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The National Center for Privatization & PPP (NCP) has collaborated with targeted sectors in Saudi Arabia to launch the Privatization & PPP (P&PPP) pipeline, which includes 200 approved projects spanning across 17 sectors.

This announcement will allow local and international investors to prepare themselves in advance to participate in the projects offered in the market.

H.E. Mohammed Al-Jadaan, who is the Minister of Finance and the Chairman of the Board of NCP, mentioned that the publication of these projects is aligned with Vision 2030 objectives, which aim to enhance the economy’s attractiveness, increase private sector contribution to GDP, and create opportunities for local and international investors.

By announcing the project pipeline, the strength of public-private partnership will be reinforced and it will attract new international investments. He also encouraged the local private sector to take full advantage of the opportunities that have been announced.

According to Mohannad Basodan, who is the CEO of NCP, investors will be able to access the projects for each sector sequentially through various platforms such as the NCP portal, sectors website, and the Ministry of Investment, which is a partner in attracting investors to these projects. Information for more than 140 projects has been published currently, with many more expected to be released soon.

The pipeline of projects is a product of the PPP ecosystem and the continuous efforts made by various sectors to reinforce public-private partnership in Saudi Arabia.

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