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NEOM Awards $3 Billion Contract for Net-Zero Port of NEOM Expansion

NEOM, situated along the Red Sea coast in Saudi Arabia, has recently granted a significant $3 billion contract to enhance and expand the Port of NEOM (previously known as Duba port).

The contract has been secured by BESIX, operating through its local subsidiary Six Construct, in collaboration with Modern Building Leaders (MBL) and Boskalis.

According to Sean Kelly, managing director at the Port of NEOM, “The Port of NEOM will be a critical enabler to the overall build, operations, and economic ambitions of NEOM — from the import of goods and materials during the development phase and as a new global port serving the region.”

In order to turn local ports into globally competitive logistics centers, NEOM took over operation of Duba Port in 2022 from the Saudi Ports Authority. According to a statement, the port’s capacities have been increased since the transfer to handle the increasing volume of cargo entering NEOM, including container and general cargo handling.

“The Port of NEOM will be pivotal to the continued commercial competitiveness, economic diversification, and maritime trade ambitions of the Kingdom.

The port, which is on the Red Sea and at a major intersection of global trade lines, will be a key part of NEOM and a driver of economic growth in the area. The fact that we’ve spent more than SAR 7.5 billion on investments so far and plan to open the first advanced terminal in 2025 shows that we’re committed to the goal.” NEOM CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr stated.

By the beginning of 2025, the first Container Terminal with integrated supply chain and logistics solutions will be operational. When completed, the port will operate with net-zero carbon emissions and 100% renewable energy at source, making it the most environmentally friendly port of the next generation in the world.

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