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The volume of investment in the food industry in Saudi Arabia amounted to more than SR94 billion, which constitutes 7% of the total volume of investments in the industrial sector, the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources revealed to Al-Eqtisadiah.

The ministry emphasized that 11.35% of all factories in the Kingdom are factories that produce food. In comparison to 2021, when there were 1,201 factories, there were 1,294 food product factories as of August of current year.

The ministry made a note of the number of industrial licenses awarded for the food industry in 2022 up to the month of August, which came to 163, compared to 287 licenses issued in 2021.

Bread, pies and cakes factories have topped the list of food-producing factories in the Kingdom, while the number of workers in the sector reached 148,981 of licensed men and women workers.

The ministry indicated that the industrial sector is distinguished with distinct capabilities in many activities, this specially in the field of food products industry, and most notably in the sectors of dairy, poultry, oils, dates, baked goods and many more others.

The huge capabilities in this sector has contributed greatly to these products to reach different regions in Saudi Arabia, in addition to contributing to their export to the regional and international markets.

The ministry pays great attention to the food sector, which has recorded a significant growth since the beginning of 2022. This proves the importance of continuing increasing the investment rate in that sector to achieve food security for Saudi Arabia, and also to provide the needs of Saudi citizens and residents.

During the visit, they looked over a variety of experiences, potential prospects, and ways to help the Ministry’s work with these unique applications that meet the demands of the national goal of working to improve the quality of services and projects.

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