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Cruise Saudi Plans to Create 50,000 Jobs for Saudis & boost tourism industry by 2035

Cruise Saudi surpasses Saudization goal with 71% rate since launch

Cruise Saudi Plans to Create 50,000 Jobs for Saudis & boost tourism industry by 2035

Cruise Saudi, a prominent player in the travel industry, is making significant strides in Saudi Arabia’s employment sector and tourism industry. With an ambitious plan to create 50,000 jobs for Saudis by 2035 and promote women’s empowerment, the company is actively contributing to the vision of a diversified economy outlined in Saudi’s Vision 2030 plan.

In addition, Cruise Saudi aims to attract 1.3 million cruise visitors and strengthen the country’s tourism sector, all while expanding its commercial ports and collaborating with luxury hotel brand Aman for an ultra-luxury yacht.

Cruise Saudi’s Commitment to Empower Local Workforce

During the Arabian Travel Market 2023, Cruise Saudi’s CEO, Lars Clasen, emphasized the company’s dedication to increasing employment opportunities for Saudis. With a goal to create 50,000 direct and indirect jobs in Saudi Arabia by 2035, Cruise Saudi aims to benefit the local workforce and reduce reliance on foreign employees.

In line with this commitment, the company has actively promoted women’s empowerment by hiring them and providing equal opportunities for growth. Cruise Saudi’s CEO highlighted the significant role of women in the company’s workforce.

Women currently make up 34 percent of the company’s employees, holding managerial positions in essential departments such as operations, business development, general terminal and port services, and ground operations. By fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment, Cruise Saudi is breaking barriers in the traditionally male-dominated cruise industry.

Driving Tourism Growth

Cruise Saudi aims to strengthen Saudi Arabia’s tourist sector by attracting 1.3 million cruise visitors by 2035. This ambitious goal aligns with the company’s vision to increase the tourism sector’s contribution to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) to 10 percent.

By establishing cruising as a new pillar of Saudi’s rapidly expanding tourism industry, Cruise Saudi plays a vital role in diversifying the economy and generating new sources of revenue, in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 plan.

Expanding Commercial Ports and Cruise Season Success

To accommodate the growing demand for cruise tourism, Cruise Saudi has already developed three commercial ports: Jeddah Islamic Port, Yanbu Commercial Port, and King Abdulaziz Port. These ports are equipped with dedicated infrastructure to welcome the world’s largest cruise vessels, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for passengers.

The ongoing cruise season, which began in November 2022 and will conclude in May 2023, has witnessed a surge in the number of guests, with 192,714 passengers from 100 different nationalities visiting Saudi aboard seven cruise ships.

Collaboration with Aman for an Ultra-Luxury Yacht

In a move to cater to high-net-worth individuals, Cruise Saudi has partnered with luxury hotel brand Aman to develop a 183-meter ultra-luxury yacht. This exquisite vessel, set to be ready for cruising by 2027, will feature 27 suites, providing an unparalleled luxury experience for discerning passengers. This collaboration demonstrates Cruise Saudi’s commitment to enhancing the cruise industry and attracting affluent travelers

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