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Red Sea Global (RSG) destinations are set to become the ultimate hub for adventure and sports enthusiasts

Exciting “Bucket-List” Adventures Await with Akun Amidst Breathtaking Seascapes and Landscapes

Red Sea Global Group, known for its development projects such as The Red Sea and Amaala, has launched a brand new adventure sports brand called Akun which aims to provide one-of-a-kind experiences for guests visiting RSG destinations.

Red Sea Global Group CEO John Pagano emphasized the significance of guest experiences, stating that they are equally important as the destination itself.

According to Pagano, Akun is set to provide an array of thrilling “bucket-list” adventures that take place amidst stunning seascapes and landscapes. Each adventure is designed to enhance the exhilarating spirit of exploration that Red Sea Global fosters at its destinations.

Red Sea Global (RSG) destinations are set to become the ultimate hub for adventure and sports enthusiasts. With the launch of their new brand, Akun, RSG will curate and oversee a wide range of thrilling experiences, including gravel, mountain, fat-tire, and electric biking.

In addition, visitors can indulge in trail running and hiking, exploring diverse natural paths that promise stunning views. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, Akun has something for everyone, with offerings that include climbing, scrambling, and an array of action sports.

Akun will establish strong connections with the local communities at each destination. It will actively engage in the development of conservation and cultural initiatives, while also showcasing the rich historical significance of these ancient sites.

As one of RSG’s subsidiary firms, Akun joins a lineup of other companies under the RSG umbrella, collectively working towards enhancing and expanding its development projects.

In February, an announcement was made regarding the first two subsidiary businesses under Red Sea Global. WAMA, specializing in water sports activities, and Galaxea, providing diving experiences, were introduced as part of a comprehensive trio package of sporting experiences.

This addition allows Red Sea Global to offer a complete range of thrilling activities to its guests, just in time for the upcoming arrival of visitors at The Red Sea later this year, as stated by Pagano.

Akun has recently secured two initial partnership agreements with Bungy New Zealand and Air Sports Group. These esteemed operators will evaluate the vast potential for adventure tourism at RSG destinations.

Air Sports Group has scheduled a comprehensive 13-week evaluation on-site to assess the possibilities of air sports in Amaala and The Red Sea. The evaluation will encompass a range of exhilarating activities, including skydiving, paragliding, paramotoring, and hot air ballooning.

This year will witness the opening of three resorts in the Red Sea, accompanied by the inauguration of the first phase of the Red Sea International Airport, which will cater to domestic flights. As part of the long-term plan, the destination will comprise 50 resorts and over 1,000 residential buildings spread across 22 islands and six inland areas by 2030, offering a total of up to 8,000 hotel rooms.