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Neom: The Trillion-Dollar Saudi Arabian Desert City of the Future

Discover the Futuristic Vision of Neom: From Vertical Skyscrapers to Artificial Moons

Neom, the trillion-dollar desert city project, is set to revolutionize urban living with its extraordinary features. At its heart lies ‘The Strip,’ a 100-mile-long vertical skyscraper that carves its way through the arid northwest desert.

Alongside this impressive architectural marvel, Neom promises glow-in-the-dark beaches, ski slopes, artificial moons, robot butlers, and even flying taxis. The vision of Neom’s planners, as showcased in glossy brochures and public statements, brings forth a futuristic utopia that captivates the imagination.

A Potentially Darker Reality: Neom and Surveillance Technology

Behind the alluring facade of Neom lies a concerning reality. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the driving force behind the project, has forged close ties with China’s leader, Xi Jinping. As part of this partnership, China has agreed to provide powerful surveillance technology to Neom. Researchers and experts have raised concerns about China’s agenda to normalize state-led cyberspace surveillance and monitor public activities.

Similar surveillance systems, based on user data, have already been implemented in “safe cities” in Egypt and Serbia, raising questions about the extent of surveillance that may be integrated into the grand-scale Neom project.

China’s involvement in Neom’s surveillance technology is not an isolated incident. The country has previously supplied surveillance technology for the creation of “safe cities” in Egypt and Serbia, which rely on extensive data analysis.

Reports from the Washington Institute think tank have shed light on China’s ambitions to expand its influence in this domain. Crown Prince Mohammed’s apparent interest in replicating these projects on a larger scale within Neom raises concerns about the potential implications for privacy and individual freedoms.

As China seeks to legitimize its state-led surveillance and cyberspace control, concerns arise about the extent of surveillance integrated into Neom. As the project progresses, it is crucial to address the balance between futuristic advancements and safeguarding individual privacy and rights.