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As part of the 8th Absher Forum 2022, the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia launched 5 new electronic services for Saudi citizens and resident expatriates, allowing them to use these services online through Absher, without having to visit Jawazat offices.

Jawazat now provides “Absher Travel” service through the Absher platform, which allows pre-registration for travelers including their accompanying persons and the vehicle used to travel through the Absher platform, before crossing the port, as a message will be sent to the those registered in the service, in case of crowding, to avoid crowding and shorten the time of passers-by, knowing that the application of the first phase of this service will be limited for Jawazat of King Fahd Causeway (Saudi-Bahrain) border crossing.

Absher’s second new service allows payments for government services such as issuing and renewing Saudi Arabian digital passports. Saudi nationals can pay their passport fees through Absher in addition to other bank channels.

Thirdly, Saudi nationals are able to view a digital image of their passports through the “View of the Saudi Passport as a Digital Identity” service.

For residents, they can view the digital identity of their dependents and use it whenever they need to refer to it.