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NEOM Airlines Taking Flight in 2024

Klaus Goersch outlines ambitious vision for NEOM Airlines, promising a futuristic and sustainable travel experience for passengers

By the end of 2024, NEOM Airlines, a dedicated airline for Saudi Arabia’s futuristic city NEOM, will be ready to take off, according to the carrier’s CEO, Klaus Goersch.

He states that passengers will be treated to a special travel experience and that the opportunity is “a completely different travel experience”. The airline will take tourists, residents, and visitors to and from NEOM in next-generation electric, hydrogen, or supersonic aircraft.

The development of the airline comes as Saudi Arabia seeks to expand its aviation sector, having recently established Riyadh Air. Goersch outlined his vision for NEOM Airlines, which is to provide a futuristic and efficient service.

The airline’s CEO, Klaus Goersch, plans to transform the airport experience into a cutting-edge, technology-oriented one by introducing biometric facial recognition, eliminating departure gates, and removing visa requirements. The airline aims to quickly meet the demand for its services by retrofitting existing aircraft with aviation technology, as its resorts will be operational from early 2024.

Goersch stated, “We are there to enable the destination. Our goal is a holistic and interconnected approach, with NEOM Airlines enabling the gross domestic product of NEOM”.

According to Goersch, the vision of NEOM Airlines is to create a seamless travel experience for passengers. He added, “This new future is what we are building in the North West of Saudi Arabia”. He believes that because they are building a new destination, new airports, and a new airline simultaneously, they can achieve a level of seamless travel that has yet to be achieved.

Additionally, Goersch plans for each flight to have some sustainable fuel onboard, which will be sourced from NEOM’s mixing facilities. The NEOM megaproject, with a value of $500 billion, is set to revolutionize the Kingdom’s northwest Red Sea coast by the end of 2024.

As part of its efforts to boost tourism and attract more visitors for leisure and business, Saudi Arabia has introduced a new national airline called Riyadh Air, which is expected to serve NEOM as well. Riyadh Air is intended to support the country’s tourism industry and make it more appealing to travellers.